The Natural Option

Hi everyone, Yet more proof that women are taking up the natural birthing option and leaving the doctors for dust. It is unfortunate that women must endure a medicated, disappointing and disrespectful birth when the natural alternative can be embraced as it has been since the beginning of time. Have a read and let me know what you think?

The first time Angel Bloom had a baby, she did it the conventional way: in a hospital, with an epidural. Though her son, Nicholas, was healthy and born without incident, the experience, she said, left her feeling disappointed and disrespected.

“You’re just not in control at all with doctors,” she said.

Now in her second pregnancy, Bloom has eschewed an obstetrician and chosen Jeanne Browne, a midwife who owns the Concord Birth and Wellness Center in Concord. Browne, whose clients get long prenatal visits, personalized care and choices about where to deliver their baby – at home, at her birthing center, in an inflatable pool – says she’s offering women a more healthy and celebratory way to give birth. During a recent visit, she told Bloom, “it’s all about you.”

New Hampshire midwives say that business has been growing, thanks to a increasing awareness of their services and a midwife-friendly state legislature that has required health insurers to pay for their services. But nationally, doctors have begun to bristle over the number of births being performed out of hospitals and far from surgeons and emergency support staff.

This summer, the American Medical Association, the doctors organization, issued a resolution warning women that “the safest setting for labor, delivery, and the immediate post-partum period is in the hospital,” or in birthing centers on hospital campuses. The resolution said that the AMA would support state legislation designed to promote such births.

Midwives say that the AMA is wrong on safety, and that obstetricians who oppose their work are more concerned about protecting their turf than ensuring the health of women. Geradine Simkins, the president of the Midwives Alliance of North America, called the resolution “arrogant, patronizing and self-serving.” But doctors who support the statement argue that women are taking unnecessary risks when they deliver outside hospitals and want to encourage them to avoid bad outcomes that they see as inevitable.

“It’s true in any delivery, in a hospital or in a home, things can happen, unfortunately, in completely uncomplicated pregnancies,” said Erin Tracy, an obstetrician at Massachusetts General Hospital, who wrote the resolution adopted by the AMA.

“We just feel that for those rare cases where an emergency can occur, why take a chance?”

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