The Differences Between Drug Induced and Natural Birth

There are misconceptions surrounding the idea of “natural birth”. The definition of a natural birth is when a woman delivers a baby without drugs. She uses her own body’s systems and hormones to cope with the pain of childbirth, and the delivery is a vaginal birth rather than a cesarean delivery. When we are talking about a drug induced, or medicated birth, it is one that the woman uses whatever means available to her, including epidural or pethidine to help with the pain of childbirth and to numb those pains. In previous years, many women elected to have natural births; but we are currently moving down a track of intervention which starts with medication for pain relief. The statistics show that in Australia and overseas, women enter the hospital system to give birth and are almost immediately provided with drugs and interventions throughout the birthing process. We’d like to help make people aware that you don’t have to go down that path,

and you can take measures to deliver your baby through a natural birth within the traditional hospital setting. Women are typically not educated enough on their options, or what happens when they ask for medication to help with the pain of childbirth. Many women don’t realize that if they start using medication, it will almost always lead to needing more interventions – like medication to help bring the labor on again because labor is often stalled when pain relieving drugs are used. Some medications

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can cause distress for the baby, and then you may find you need a cesarean or forceps delivery – which possibly could have been avoided if there wasn’t any medical intervention in the first place. So women need to be educated on the choices of what they can do, and what drugs actually do during your labor. It interferes with the natural process that women are designed to do. So it’s our goal to help education women, so they can go in and cope with labor better without having to use the drugs. That’s not to say that there are never instances when drugs become necessary – but it should be seen as a last resort rather than the standard process of admitting a woman who is in labor.

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  1. kirra Says:

    A natural birth is the normal way to deliver a baby and has worked for centuries. It is inate in a woman to trust body can do this most natural and instinctive process to ensure the continuation of the human specie. Only in ‘recent’ times have women felt a loss of power when giving birth. Eg In early 19century women were required to give birth lying on the back to enable men to witness the birth. Bring on the education necessary to restore women to the role nature intended, mistress of her own babys birth.

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