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Natural Induction is a word that is typed into Google many, many times a day.  Women are keen to have their baby on or before their due date and are trying to avoid a medical induction.  Women know that medical induction leads to a cascade of intervention and possibly culminating in a cesarean section.

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got pregnant to get my ex byfriend back pan style=”font-size: small;”>So, as a midwife of 10 years, I thought I would discuss a few sure fire points that are gentle but very effective in getting labour started.  But you must wonder why we actually go over our due date and what actually starts labour.  What we do know is that it is probably a combination of mother and baby that starts labour, so having both in top condition is imperative. I have a few theories on why women go over due and they are listed below.  I have narrowed it down to 3 points, these are: 

  1. Posterior positioned baby – this is where you baby’s back is in line with your back and is not fitting well into the pelvis.  This creates uneven pressure on the cervix and can delay labour or start and stop labour over several days.
  2. Stress – women can become stressed as their due date comes and goes, this stress can pass over to the baby and delay birth.
  3. Wrong dates – some women are not sure when their last period was and had to rely on ultrasound for a due date.  Ultrasound is pretty accurate in giving a due date, however, only if the scan is done early. 


Now we know a few reasons why labour may not start, we can look into ways that will naturally start labour.  I have narrowed down to three important techniques that I have seen work for women over and over again.  Before you delve into the world of Natural Induction it is important to discuss this with your health care professional all your options and make sure you and your baby are both doing well.


  1. Getting your heart rate up
  2. Intercourse
  3. Helping baby into the correct position 


First up, getting your heart rate up.  The easiest way to do this is go for a walk, take your partner with you for support and you can chat about your birth while exercising.  Most women will find that a good brisk walk will increase the

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heart rate, no need to exert yourself. 


While you are out walking a great way to help your baby into a nice tucked in position, which will in turn fit easily into your pelvis, is to walk with one foot up on the gutter and the other on the road.  Then turn around to the other side of the road and walk with the other foot on the gutter.  Doing this will change the dimensions in your pelvis and allow your baby to negotiate the birth canal with ease. 


Secondly, having sex can firstly relax you and give your body time to forget about labour, which may in turn put you into labour.  Also semen carries prostaglandin which can soften and ripen the cervix ready for labour.  Now, this may sound ridiculous but it can work.  After sex lie with your legs up the wall, this will allow the semen to sit on your cervix and soften it, ready for labour.  This may not work, but it can’t hurt!!  Have fun with it, have a laugh, this may also relax you and put you into labour! 


Another great part of sex is when a woman experiences orgasm, she produces oxytocin – the labour hormone. So while having intercourse seems to not be of much help, it can still play a role in the bigger scheme of things!  To enhance sex and natural induction you can try nipple stimulation.  Nipple stimulation will release oxytocin in your blood and hopefully induce labour.  You can use your hand and fingers to do this or get your partner to have a go, I am sure this will be an added bonus for them!!


Position, position, position, isn’t this what they say in real estate?  This is so true of pregnant women as well.  Now I don’t want to compare women to real estate, however it may make you remember this point.  As I mentioned above when your baby is in the posterior position (spine to spine) then it is more likely that you will go over due or your labour may stop and start.  To help your baby into the right position it is important to adopt positions where your belly is hanging forwards, this will encourage your baby’s spine to swing forwards and rest in a great position, with your baby’s chin tucked in.  Below is a list of positions that you can practice each day.

  • Sitting forward on a chair with your legs apart and your belly hanging between your legs
  • Sit on a chair the wrong way, turn a dining chair around and straddle it, resting your arms on the back of the chair
  • Crawl around on your hands and knees.  Play with your other children or maybe spot mop the floor!  You don’t need to do this for very long
  • Sit on your knees and place a bean bag in front of you, lean over the bean bag and your tummy will hang forward cushioned by the beans


To recap, Natural Induction can be a rocky road, however, through my experience as midwife and a mother of an over due baby, I have narrowed down the list of possible ways to naturally induce labour.  These are; getting your heart rate through walking or even sex!  Which leads me to my next point, sex; this can relax you, release oxytocin through orgasm and nipple stimulation and soften your cervix.  My final point is position, start crawling around on your hands and knees and keep your belly hanging!


I hope this helps, I know it is much better than castor oil and a lot more fun.  Give them all a go and see where they take you.  If you love the idea of natural induction and also natural childbirth, then jump over to my website, Child Birth Options, and see some more great ways to naturally induce your labour and help you achieve an amazing natural birth. 


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