Natural Childbirth – Why So Important?


Happy New Year!!  2009 is the the year of hopefulness!!  We, as a natural birth planning group, must embrace 2009 and give hope to all the pregnant women, the soon to be pregnant women and the younger women who are going to take Natural Childbirth into the future.  This year the birth statistics will be fantastic, women will choose where to have their baby, how to have their baby and with whom.   They will base their decision purely on their feelings, not on government bodies and the costs involved.  So come and join me in the Natural Childbirth movement!!

So what is the big deal about Natural Childbirth?  Why are we constantly talking about it and trying to achieve it?  Well, I will tell you why…………………… is because it is the best for our body, our baby, breastfeeding and the well being of the whole family unit.

An article in a Budapest paper states that the fact of the matter is that there have been trends in childbirth, and in western societies, this trend has been leading towards more medicalised births actively managed by doctors, to the point where now fully one third of births in the United States are surgical births (C-sections) and growing to this amount around the world.  It is now hard to spot any birth in a hospital that hasn’t been intervened with in some way.

So what’s wrong with that, what is wrong with “intervention” if it means that the birth is safer, faster, or the mother feels less pain?

The paper goes on to say that the problem is medical interventions are introduced as a matter of routine (as opposed to necessity) into a well-oiled process, and in the majority of cases, these interventions increase the number of complications, not decrease them, and even introduce

new ones.

As I have written many, many times before, Interventions interfere in the natural process, which then necessitates more interventions. Before women realise they are taken down into a cascade of intervention and at the end of which is a C-section.

The paper asks the question on everyone’s lips; what is wrong with a C-section?  Well it is major surgery, with all the associated risks. At base, it’s a lot more risky to both mum and baby than a vaginal birth. For mum, there are all the post-surgery complications, potential infections, and so on.

The biggest point made is that the number of children a woman can have is instantly numbered, and the frequency at which she can have them, already determined for her. Because after a C-section, it is recommended that a woman wait at least 3 years before giving birth again, and the second birth after a C-section is likely to also be a C-section, and I believe few doctors will be willing to administer more than 4 C-sections on anyone.

You see how just one intervention can lead to another then another and before anyone knows, natural childbirth is out the window and a C-section is needed due to the extra stress on the baby and mother.  The mother is then put into a catagory that can never be reversed.  Some states in the US are even recommending that insurance premiums are higher for women who have had a C-section.  Who would choose this life and these restrictions on life.

The baby is also at risk when an unnecessary C-section takes place.  The baby is cut out of its mothers womb and not passed through the vagina.  Missing this step prevents the baby’s lungs from being squeezed and excess fluid removed.  Not removing this fluid can cause the baby to have breathing difficulties and possibly infection.  This will then reflect on breastfeeding by delaying it and delaying bonding time with the family unit.  Breastfeeding needs to be commenced within an hour of birth so as to create an imprint for further successful feeding in the baby’s mind. 

So how does these interventions start, well, as I have passionately written about before, it starts with the horrible word induction!  Let us stop and think for a moment, why can’t we just wait for our precious child to enter the world when they are ready, honestly what is the rush!  Many doctors offer induction like offering a piece of cake with your coffee! It is ridiculous……… women we need to take a stand and say no to induction unless there is truly a medical problem.  And by doing this women will avoid the very first intervention and remain in control of their own natural Childbirth.

Women, I urge you to fully look into natural childbirth and really figure out what it is you want rather than leaving your life decision in the hands of doctors and medical staff.  We only get one vessel to live this life, our body, so we must take care of it.  Please research and take matters into your own hands I know you will feel immense pride when the birth you chose comes to fruition.

To help you with your education have a look at my book "7 Secrets to Natural Childbirth" it will give you some great advice on planning the natural childbirth you want.


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