Natural Childbirth – The 3 Keys to Success!

Through teaching antenatal classes I find that there is so much information to take in that it is hard to really take away a guide that will work for you.


Having a plan or a guide for when you begin labour will give you confidence in your self and your body. 


Through attending and managing over a hundred births, teaching many, many couples and my own personal experience I find that there are 3 key points that empower you to have an amazing natural birth.


  1. Write a goal and read it every day
  2. Do 15mins of stretching or yoga or just relax with calming music each day
  3. Practice deep breathing for relaxation


1.  Write a Goal


This is the first step you need to take.  Many women have a plan, however, they have not actually thought about exactly how their outcome will look.  The key word here is outcome, you can decide how you want your birth to end.  I know you are saying that it ends with a baby, but will you be relaxed, without stitches, and excited.  When writing a goal you must commit it to paper, this makes it real in your subconscious mind.  It is best to write the goal as if it has already happened, for example:


“It is now (insert your due date) and I am so happy and grateful that my birth was easy and short or (insert your descriptive desires).  I am amazed at my beautiful, soft baby lying on my chest looking up at me.  My baby feels warm under my arms.  I look into my partners eyes and see the tears of joy as he looks at our beautiful baby”


You can put what you want in your goal, all you need to do is put lots of positive emotions and use all your senses.  The more life like you make your goal the more you can see the picture in your mind.  Your body and mind will then go after this picture and your goal will become a reality.


You need to now put your goal around your house so you read it every day. Smile when you read it and enjoy the feelings it will bring.  Think of your goal when you hear stories that don’t reflect your positive attitude and this will help you to stay positive and stay on your path to your birth, your goal and your amazing experience.



2.  Stretching, Yoga and Relaxation


Spend 15mins everyday stretching, practicing yoga or just relaxing listening to calming music.  This will allow your mind to become still for a short time everyday.  It will give you more energy and time to reflect on your goal.


Stretching and yoga are great ways to keep your body supple during pregnancy and prepare yourself for your birth.  You only need to do this for a short time, just incorporate it into your daily routine.  As a bonus with my Natural Birthing book a Personal

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Trainer has described specific stretches and exercises that can be safely practiced during pregnancy.  They are fantastic as the book is easy to read with pictures for you to follow.  You can find out more about this bonus here.


It is important to take this time for yourself each day to prepare your mind and body for your birth.  Envision your goal during this relaxed time and reflect on positive aspects of your body, your baby and your birth.



3.  Deep Breathing


During periods of pain in your life, our first instinct is to tense up.  For example when you stub your toe you immediately tense up and hold your foot.  This is instinct, therefore when contractions start, your first instinct will be to tense up and become stressed with pain. 


For your natural pain relieving hormones, endorphins, to work you need to be relaxed and calm.  If you practice deep breathing and remaining calm with any form of pain during your pregnancy this will give you practice.  For example, Braxton hicks contractions, back pain, or unrelated pain.  Concentrate on breathing deeply in and as you breathe out concentrate on relaxing your entire body, just go limp.


Doing this during contractions will allow your body to relieve the pain by accessing your body’s own natural pain relieving hormone, endorphin.  Endorphins are so much more stronger than any opiate given to you, so why not enhance this during your birth!!


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