Natural Childbirth – Hospital Antenatal Classes Failing Women

Natural Childbirth is falling further and further behind.  The cesarean section rate is rising…………..what will it take to turn this around? 

I am

a mother of two, a midwife and a lactation consultant and am fed up with hospital birthing.  It seems that the hospital antenatal education system is failing women.  Only a small percentage of women seek education outside the hospital system and it is these women that are taking birth and making it their own. 

As a midwife I have taught antenatal education classes and I know that they do not give women real tools that they can use to plan and implement a natural birth.  What is taught is the basic anatomy and physiology as well as all the pain relief options.  Yes, I know that this is great information, but how about giving women the absolute confidence in their body and empower them to follow through with a

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natural birth

Women need to learn more about birth and how they can use different techniques to become confident with their body and their baby.  It is time for women to rise up and embrace their birthing journey and ask for more…………more information, more trust and more empowerment.
How many natural childbirth techniques have you considered so far?  To educate yourself on all the methods available follow the book link and empower yourself to birth the way you want.
Take care and happy birthing,


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