Natural Childbirth – Headlines Create Havoc


“Too Posh to Push”  Time Magazine, The Australian and Fox News


“Natural Childbirth Mom’s more attuned to babies’ cry”  US News and ABC News


“Orgasmic Birth”  Sydney Morning Herald, USA Today and ABC 20-20


These headlines are truly shocking! Do they help expectant mothers cope better with their birth preparation, or just cause unnecessary anxiety and stress? I am mother of 2, a midwife of 9 years, an internationally board certified lactation consultant and a passionate advocate for Natural Childbirth.  I continually see women on a daily basis have a poor birthing experience

and as a midwife I know that they could have used simple, natural options to make their birth experience one of fulfillment and joy.


Reflecting on the headlines, “Orgasmic Birth”, what does this say?  While possible, the last thing a woman expects to experience during childbirth is an orgasm. She is at her wits end dealing with pain, discomfort and the impending marathon that is childbirth…..and now she hears women are having orgasms! I know this film is about choice and showing how a group of women give birth, but again, the headline gives women more pressure and expectation.


When is it enough?  Why can’t we just give women some real and proven options to have a natural childbirth, rather than pressure?  This is my mission in life, to give women choice and educate them on the wonders of childbirth so they can work with their body and their baby. 


2009 is The Year of Hopefulness as mentioned by OPRAH, so how about we give women hope rather then fear and expectation.  With all the choices available to them, women can create an atmosphere that is positive and allow their confidence to shine.


I have endeavored to help women around the world gain the confidence back in their bodies.  I have interviewed 7 of the worlds leading authorities on natural childbirth techniques such as Acupressure, Acupuncture, Hypnobirthing, Reflexology, The Bradley Method and many more. 


In the 7 part natural childbirth series the experts have opened women’s minds to a new world of possibilities and options they may not have heard before.  Natural childbirth will become more about choosing what type of method works for them rather than just choosing whether to have a cesarean section or not.  Most women will enter into their birth journey with the pretense of ‘trying not to have drugs’, this is all well and good, however, ending up with a fulfilling natural birth is rare.  Women need to plan for their birth and equip themselves with knowledge of how their bodies work, how to work with their body and baby and have complete faith that their body was made to birth.


This new interview series is available online as a complete audio download from  A transcript of the interviews is also available as well as a comprehensive birthing plan, an easy to follow exercise and stretching regime, a  breastfeeding survival book and great links to natural childbirth videos.


My aim is to try and change the perception of how woman view birth and hopefully influence the birthing statistics.  After all the choice isn’t between natural childbirth or cesarean section… is all about informing women and nurturing their skills and confidence to have a fearless childbirth that will permanently bond them with their child and partner.


I just want to leave you with one thought:


"Why avoid medications and take such good care of our

Body’s all through pregnancy only to pump it full of drugs for the last few hours?"

Take Care,


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