Natural Birthing – Why is Pelvic Anatomy so Important?

Your pelvis holds your uterus in place with long stretchy tendons it also supports this uterus and your baby.  Your pelvic floor muscles are attached to it and it loosens with pregnancy to allow your baby to pass through.  What an amazing part of your anatomy!


So why am I discussing this?  Well if you understand your pelvis you can enhance its abilities during labour and achieve a wonderful Natural Birth


A hormone called relaxin is released during pregnancy, this affects your joints, blood vessels, pelvis and many others systems.  In regards to your pelvis, it loosens allowing your uterus and your baby to fit comfortably and make a wide enough path for your birth.


So what can you do to create an easier birth for yourself and your baby?  It is all

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about positioning your body to create more room.  If you look at the diagram below you will see that

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it has a circular opening.  All women have a different shaped pelvic opening; however, all women can increase the size of this opening to allow their baby to smoothly fit through.  See the diagram below.



Your sacrum is really the key, this is the end of your spine, see diagram above.  It curves under and is able to move and create a larger opening for your baby.  The best position to maximise the diameter of the pelvic outlet is leaning over.  For example if you are standing you could lean over and rest your head on your arms over a bed, bench or chair.  It just has to be an object that is higher than your pelvis.  This will allow your sacrum to flare out and widen your pelvic outlet.


You can use this position while you are in labour and move your hips around in a circular motion to relieve discomfort.  Also, your lower back can be massaged easily to help you relax. 


If you can increase the size of your pelvic outlet by leaning over and allowing your sacrum to flare out then conversely, if you lay on your back you will stop this from happening.  In fact, you will reduce your pelvic outlet by 28%!  As well as this, if you lie on your back, you will not have the use of gravity to help with the downward motion of birth.  By standing or kneeling while leaning over you will allow gravity to help guide your baby out.


Lets face it….any way we can work with our bodies to have a fast, amazing birth is something that is worth practicing and using during your birth.  So, to recap, the best position to labour and birth in is: 


  • Upright position – to use gravity to help you
  • Leaning over allowing your sacrum to flare out
  • Kneeling whilst leaning over, keeping your upper body above your pelvis 


Using positions, gravity and your body during pregnancy and birth will greatly enhance your birthing experience and empower you to birth with confidence.  To learn more on positions for birth have a read of my other articles on my blog and create a birthing journey that will transform your life.



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