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Just stumbled across this article from Texas, USA about a Natural Birthing Center that offers waterbirth in a Jacuzzi.  The article discusses the birthing centre that is within a clinic set up for services

towards women.  A doctor by the name of Quezada, founded the centre which is called Primera Luz (which means "first light" in Spanish). It caters to women of all ages, ethnicities and economic status – and gives those women more of a voice in the health care they receive.  "We want to give them more of a choice. As opposed to ‘Do this,’ we give them options," Dr Quezada said.

This is fantastic to see that women all over the world are given the option of having a great natural childbirth.  Well done and good luck.

Below is a little snippet of the article or click on the link to read the whole article.

The natural birthing center consists of five suites named after pioneering women such as Rosa Parks and Frida Kahlo. They resemble luxury hotel rooms – with upscale decor, large beds, flat-screen TVs, DVDs and jacuzzis.

But the hot tubs are used for delivering babies, not the honeymoons that in some cases helped create them.

"In this day and age, most physicians tend not to put in the time for a natural vaginal delivery. Most of them push C-sections," said Norma Vasquez, a former Planned Parenthood staffer who is Primera Luz’s administrator. "Some women don’t get a choice. But that’s one of the big missions of Dr. Quezada is to give them a choice."

It’s a choice that Andrea Hernandez, 27, has made twice. Daughter Rory was born there 18 months ago, and daughter Lorelai, five months ago. Rory was born on a bed, Lorelai in the water.

"I knew it would hurt, but if I had them in the hospital, drugs would have been an option," Hernandez said. She didn’t want that. "I knew it was better for them (to do it naturally). That’s a benefit. And I figured that millions of women have done it before me."

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