Natural Birth – So Logical!


Hi All,

I was checking out the fabulous blogs on natural birth and came across a wonderful post about The Bradley Method of Birthing.  The Blog , 50 Book Challenge, is about reviewing books and the person behind the blog is pregnant and reading Husband-Coached ChildBirth.  She makes a fantastic statement, I will display it word for word:

"why avoid medications and take such good care of your body all through pregnancy only to pump it full of drugs for the last few hours"

This is so logical!!  We all need to have this kind of attitude when going into our birthing experience.  I have interviewed the Co-founder of The Bradley Method of Birthing in my ebook, just click on the natural birth plan link and have a look.  We discuss many ways to help women achieve a natural birth, Marjie Hathaway is an amazing person with so much insight and experience.

Just wanted to share this information with you all.  Take care.


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