Home Birth or Hospital?

What a question this is!  There was an article in The Sun titled ‘Home Births – Bad or Good?’  It was a really great article, giving you the pro’s and con’s.  The most sensible comment was that if a woman is healthy and low risk, and she wants a home birth, then why not?  The catch is the money…..will the government come good with their promise or let it slip into the too hard basket?

There are plenty of midwives and other health professionals who are willing to set up a standard of care and could have homebirths up and running in no time.  It is a question of whether the government wants our society to go this way.  I say let it….it is what women are calling for, or should I say begging for!  It is just unfair that women who can’t afford a home birth and really want one don’t get the chance to experience it.  This can change a woman forever…..women have an innate desire to birth and they have a plan in their head.  If this plan has to be based on the income she earns then it can change the course of her life, it can deny her the one empowering moment that forms the basis of who she is and who she wants to become.

As was mentioned in the article, many women feel their labour is going well until they have to go into hospital – then they get stressed and their adrenalin rises and slows down the labour.   This is so true, I experienced this myself and also have seen it as women come into the hospital.  I don’t know what it is but women seem to want to come into hospital as soon as possible, this, I believe, is where all the intervention and agony starts.  Women should be educated in their antenatal classes to stay at home as long as possible, this will give them a chance to feel more comfortable for most of their labour.  Women and partneres come into hospital expecting their baby to born soon, this almost never happens, it takes a woman’s body a good couple of hours to adjust to the change of environment and then labour can resume. 

The very experienced obstetrican comments on the debate, and he has valid points, however, he is coming from a position of high risk.  Midwives have a line that they cannot cross, as a midwife, I know this line and I know when a woman crosses it into high risk territory.  It is our duty of care to constantly assess this line and make a judgement on whether a doctor needs to be called.  It is our responsibility to do this and if we don’t we are liable and can lose our career.  Home birth midwives are so very aware of this and have back up plans.  A home birth midwife would not take on a case that had the potential to put the mother or baby at risk.  The comment made by the obstetrician that it is just too risky is his opinion and good luck to him,  but he shouldn’t put his fear on women who choose this option.  Fear is what makes things go wrong, a woman who is relaxed at home and has great midwives on hand will have an amazing home birth experience. 

I say well done to women who choose this option and I hope the government can see a place for home births to be recognised, not dealt with under the radar.  Bring home birth to the forefront and let women have the choice to bring their baby into a calm, loving environment.

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