Haiti Baby Tents for Breastfeeding

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What an amazing picture above!  It is of a Breastfeeding Tent in Haiti, this tent has been set up as a safe haven for women to breastfeed, recieve education on breastfeeding and emotional support.

Can you believe that a rumour was spread around that a mothers milk goes "bad" if her diet is poor!  This is ridiculus!  In Haiti powdered formula was shipped in to give to these vulnerable babies as a substitue, what they didn’t realise was that the water to mix with the formula was contaminated and would risk the lives of the babies.

These tents were set up by a group called Action Against Hunger who are supported by UNICEF, there are 12 of them and are a life saving measure for the women of Haiti and their newborn baby’s and children.  The mothers can learn how to breastfeed and their baby’s will reap the benefits of the perfect nutrition of breastmilk.

You can read the whole article at this link "Baby Tents offer Haitian mothers a safe place to breastfeed" Enyoy the read.  Or you can click on the following link to watch the video of how the tents are spreading the wonderful word of breastfeeding.  Video – Meeting Urgent Needs of Women with Young Children in Haiti.



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