Caesarean Births Rationed To Cut Costs


I came across an article in the UK Telegraph, they are trying to cut costs and have put caesarean sections on the same rationing list as infertility treatment, cosmetic surgery and acupuncture.

Some women may debate that it is taking away options, however, is a caesarean section really an option, is this just saving women from making a huge mistake?  Have we just become too frightened of childbirth and seen too many celebrities opt for a caesarean?  I will put it to you in another way, would you choose to  have all your teeth removed and wear dentures just to skip the pain of dentist visits?  I think not, if we can just think of caesareans as a great option if we medically need them, then our view of having an elective caesarean will change.

Have a read of the article and let me know what you think.  I really believe this is a great especially when you look at the statistics.  For example, a study in 2007 found a mother opting for a caesarean was four times more likely to die than by choosing a natural birth.  Would you put yourself and your family at the mercy of these statistics……I think not.  So how about we continue to educate ourselves on childbirth and save the caesarean for if and when we need it.

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