Birth – What’s The Rush?

What’s the Rush?  We live in a society that wants everything NOW, even our babies!  Can we slow down and really feel what pregnancy and birth is all about?  I hope we can and I hope this article makes you think about how you want your birth to be.  There are so many options for women to help have a Natural Birth, so many experts out there to help and so many women who have amazing insights to share.

In an attempt to see our baby sooner, the word "induction", is thrown around like it is part of birth and the birth process.  Induction is not a word that should be used in everyday conversation with pregnant women!  Induction should only be used if medically indicated and not for social reasons…………………..when are we going to understand this!!  Natural Birth is such an amazing event and it cannot be achieved if labor is artificially started.

Let us stop and think for a moment, why can’t we just wait for our precious child to enter the world when they are ready, honestly What is the Rush!  Many doctors offer induction like offering a piece of cake with your coffee! It is ridiculous……… women we need to take a stand and say no to induction unless there is truly a medical problem.

Induction is the start of a whole cascade of intervention. Let me take you through a typical induction of labor that I witness day in day out in the birth suite. A woman is brought into the birth suite at 38 weeks for a "social induction", which is basically being induced for a reason that is not needed.  The woman either has gel placed in her cervix until it is open enough for the waters to be broken or if the cervix is open then the waters are broken then and there.  The gel may take 24 hours to work with a new application done ever 6 hours.  Once the waters are broken an IV is inserted and an artificial hormone is commenced to make your uterus contract.  At this time continuous fetal monitoring is necessary so your baby does not get distressed with the force of the artificial contractions!!  This medication causes contractions to start strongly rather than the gradual build up of natural contractions during Natural Birth.  The strong contractions are hard to take due to the immediate start of them; therefore, pain relief is usually needed in the form of narcotics and epidurals.  So you can see how one event leads to another and another and before you know it, your birth is totally taken over by a medical team and you are left feeling empty and alone.  I haven’t even mentioned the baby and how the baby copes with these forced events.  Some narcotics such as pethidine stay in your baby’s system for up to 2 weeks and effects your baby’s sucking ability.

Please look at all the Natural Birth Methods available and educate yourself on how to have a natural birth.  I have interviewed 7 experts on natural birth for all women to listen to and learn from.  These women are amazing and discuss such Natural Birth Methods as Hypnobirthing, Lamaze, The Bradley Method, Acupressure, Physical Therapy and Water birth.  If you want to have a listen then get your free grab by signing up to my blog and hear Barbara Harper talking about how women can have an orgasmic birth, why not enjoy rather than endure!  My blog is  My eBook, which is the interviews, is available from this link  www.child-birth-options.  Take a look and remember to plan your birth as you would any major event in your life…………….no wait, it is THE major event in our lives, so plan well and enjoy your pregnancy and birth……….don’t rush nature.

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