Aug 21

Aug 21
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Amazing New Interview Series With 7 of The Worlds Leading Authorities On Natural Childbirth Techniques such as Lamaze, Hypno Birthing, The Bradley Method, Acupuncture and more.

Morayfield, Queensland, Australia (PressExposure) December 26, 2008 — My name is Loretta Anderson and I’m a mother of two, I had a medicated birth as well as a natural birth. I am registered nurse of 12 year and a midwife of eight years.

Being a midwife for all those years was an amazing experience. It was an honor and a privilege to be on hand and help a mother get through a pregnancy…and to see a happy, healthy new born baby enter this world. It was mind blowing, every single time. I never got tired of it.

I have personally worked with 100’s of expectant parents and also taught antenatal classes. I am also an internationally board certified lactation consultant.

Mothers and mothers-to-be are entering into the world of birth with fear in their minds, this then leads to fear of their body and fear of not being able to have their baby the way they would truly like to. Women are receiving childbirth information from their peers, their doctors and nurses, but can they use this information and implement it into their labor, or is it adding to their fears?

A woman who enters into her birth experience with fear will work against her body’s natural instincts and create, what I like to call, "a cascade of intervention". This means that women feel they need some help in having their baby and usually get this in the form of pain relief, this then affects their body’s natural hormones and starts them on a course of intervention. Before they know it their birth has been taken over and medically managed leaving the woman feeling empty, disappointed and alone.

If women can listen to amazing, real advice and equip themselves with positive information then they can enter into the journey of labor with confidence and know that their body is up to the

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challenge to give birth to their beautiful child.