Mar 7

Hello and welcome to day 2.  The second 24hours is again a time of breastfeeding and rest.  You don’t need to do anything else,

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you will be breastfeeding day and night giving your baby about 8-12 feeds in a 24 hour period.  Tr

y not to worry too much about lack of sleep as you will catch up later and it WILL get better.

Just remember you are frequently feeding to lay down great foundations for a happy, healthy baby and an abundent milk supply.

This second day will be much the same as day one, however, your baby will be more alert and demanding more.  If your baby falls into the "sleepy" catagory of yesterday (see last post) then he/she might wake towards the end of today and want to play catch ups.  This catch up or ‘cluster feeding’ is really quite clever, it will bring your milk in and you will get lots of practice at attachment.

Beware!  This is the time when a bottle of formula could be offerred — Resist this pressure as it will totally destroy all your breastfeeding efforts, even just one bottle will interfere with your supply and your milk will take longer to come in. 

Your baby’s stomach is the size of a shooter marble or 5-7ml capacity and does not need a huge

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bottle to fill.  They are designed perfectly — small tummy to match your small amount of colostrum.  Just keep breastfeeing and it will change in the next 24hours, stay with it.  Have a look at the image below, it shows the size of your baby’s stomach and the amount of breast milk it can hold, pretty impressive.

If your baby has formula then yes, he/she will sleep as your baby will be using all their energy to digest the formula.  Their tiny tummy’s don’t recognise the formula and take an obscene abount of time to digest it.  So yes, you may sleep but you will then be on the back foot and your milk supply will be slower

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to come in thus altering your future capacity to make milk.  This is due to the number of your prolactin receptors being reduced, as you have learnt from my previous post, the more prolactin receptors the more milk you can make.

With the maximum amount of prolactin receptors you will have a great supply and you will be rewarded with short breastfeeds and longer sleeps when your supply is established.  Amazing how babies and mothers are designed, it is perfect,  you just have to give in to your baby’s needs and the rest will follw.

Just a quick note before I go, try to organise it so you get no "non-family" visitors in hospital.  Everyone wants to see a new baby so they will come in droves, but this will tire you out and you will pay during the night.  It is hard to say no when they show up so get your partner to do a ring around before baby is born and ask for no visitors.  Make a time after 2 weeks then everyone can enjoy the visit, your baby included.

Your parents and siblings are an exception as you don’t need to dress up and look "respectable" and you can tell them to leave if you need to.

Just give in to your baby, give in to yourself, stay in your PJ’s and accept help.  Take advantage of the room service and just concentrate on breastfeeding your baby……………you will be rewarded with a happy, contented baby (and mum)!

Look out for my next blog on Days 3-5, lots of great insight that will keep you one step ahead.