Dec 8

In the news recently there is a lot about planning for your birth, writing birth plans and following them.  The news is not good, what people are basically saying is, why plan, if you cannot control what is going to happen anyway.


What I say to these people is try writing a plan that is generic, not a step by step guide to what you want and allow for changes to happen.


A plan is really a way for a woman to gather all the information so she may be informed of all her choices.  If you look at a plan in this way then it is an unbelievable tool that will transform your birth.


The first part in your “plan” is to educate yourself on the world of birth.  If you are into natural birth then have a look at the ways in which you can achieve this.  There are many, many experienced women in the world who are passionate about sharing their information.  Seek out these people and learn from them.  I am one of them and I have also interviewed 7 more as a sort of one stop resource for women to get the big picture of birth.  You can have a look at them here.


As a midwife of 10 years I have run many antenatal education classes and I find women asking the same question; ‘how will I to cope with the pain?’  My answer to this is firstly to start believing in yourself and your body.  Having a core belief that your body will know what to do is the basis of a fulfilling natural birth.


Setting your mind up to create this core belief is easy if you know how.  You must saturate yourself with positive birth stories, passionate people and friends and family who will support your core beliefs.  Listening to experts talk about how beautiful and normal childbirth really is creates a wonderful empowering mindset that will be permanent.


This core belief will carry you throughout your whole birthing journey and into motherhood.  Positive thoughts will create positive outcomes. 


The next part of your plan is to focus on these beliefs each day.  Create a space for yourself and put on some relaxing music while you think of these wonderful positive thoughts and beliefs in your body and your baby.


To kick start your education journey have a look at my downloadable book.   I have chatted to 7 experts on natural childbirth.  These interviews have some amazing insight into the world of childbirth and will give you a foundation in which to base your most important decisions on. 


One couple from Greenville CA, who are pregnant with their first child, purchased these interviews, here is what they had to say:


"I want to thank you again for all the time, effort and expense you put into these interviews.  We have listened to all of them together and then again and again while commuting to work or cleaning the house. They have given us a lot to talk about and to go by as we make some very important decisions.  

We both like the ideas behind the Bradly Method so we’ve been reading a lot about that.  But I also have to tell you that I would never have given HypnoBirthing a second thought if I had never heard of you interviews.  Thank you very much!


If you would like any further information on planning for your birth or just have a question then let me know and I will give you as much information as you need.


Take care,