Oct 13

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Long time no blog!  Sorry about the delay, I am back on track after spending some time on developing my Childbirth Mini Course.  It is 10 emails spread over a month and addresses the most important information about giving birth.  I have compiled the information from my 10 years experience with birthing women and have also drawn on my personal experience as a breastfeeding mum.  You can start receiving the Birth Course for free right now simply click on the link and you are on your way to learning how to stay confident, banish fears and have an empowering birthing experience.

Today I wanted to bring to your attention the wonderful Natural Birth of Heidi Klum!  It was reported that she birthed a baby girl named Lou Samuel in the early hours of Friday morning.  Heidi had a very quick birth and kept it completely natural.......what a woman!

Having a natural birth may seem easy when you are on your fourth child, however it can be just as easy to have a natural birth with your first child!  All it takes is a shift in thinking on a daily basis and you are on your way.

To learn how to create this shift and start planning your wonderful birth you can check out my interview series, ‘7 Secrets To Natural Childbirth’.  Whether you are planning for a water birth, hypnobirthing, The Bradley Method or just want a whole host of choices at your finger tips when you are in labour, then this book is for you!  Just follow the link above and you are on your way!

As well as 7 interviews you will get a fantastic load of bonuses to help you on your journey, they are listed below:

1.       Birth Plan Template

2.       5 Strategies to Survive Parenting

3.       10 Natural Induction Methods

4.       7 Secrets to Natural Childbirth Complete Transcript (so you can read or listen)

5.       7 Essential Stretches (put together by a personal trainer)

6.       Natural Birthing Video (absolutely amazing footage!)

7.       Breastfeeding Report – 10 tips you must read BEFORE you have your baby

8.       Surprise bonus!

Enjoy the education as we all know education is POWER and let me know how you go, I would love to hear about all your birthing stories.

Take care,