Mar 25

I have just gone back to work in the maternity unit after having my little boy…..he is not so little anymore, he is 19months.  I had a really long time off with him and enjoyed every minute of it.  I am only working causal now so I am still breastfeeding and spending lots of time with him.  Above is a picture of me, just in case you want to put a face to my name.  There are also some videos on my blog if you have a look through my archives.

The reason I am writing this blog post is because I have been bowled over by the questions and concerns that are facing women whilst they are pregnant.  I looked after t wo women last night and they were both being induced at 39 weeks.  They were both wonderful women and really looking forward to holding their baby in their arms.  The problem was they didn’t know why they were being induced.  One woman had gestational diabeties and the other was perfectly healthy.  My question to all the women out there is ‘why won’t you ask questions of your doctors and find out exactly what is going on?’  I put this question to the women and they both replied with, ‘They didn’t want to ask a stupid question and feel inadequate!’

It is 2009, we are strong, we are educated, we have the internet, we have google and yet when it comes to doctors we are put right back in time to an era of control and dominance.  If women can excel in their careers, have children, have successful relationships, then certainly they can apply this wonderful knowledge and insight to their carer givers.  I urge women to ask as many questions as it takes to get the answers.

Now, working with doctors myself, I know that they are not forthcoming with information, it is like pulling teeth!  That is why it is up to the women to start extracting, one by one!  Look at the doctor in the eye and tell him/her that you are not leaving until you fully understand what is happening to YOUR body!  You have this right, your doctor has the knowledge it is just a matter of asking questions that bring it all out.

I know that it can be hard to do this, so you could start with the small stuff, like, asking the doctor how his/her day was.  This will start to build a rapport.  Most women are great at this, so use this skill to your advantage.  With just a simple open question, you will find that your doctor will become more open and you can then start to ask more questions.  It is great to ask questions when your doctor is performing tasks, such as taking your blood pressure.  You could say, how is it today and what does that mean.  Also, when your doctor is examining your pregnant belly you can ask what he/she is feeling, what position the baby is in, is my baby head down and what does that mean for my impending labour.

All these questions are a great way for you to get used to asking questions and to get used to learning more and more about your body.  Trust in your own skills and believe in yourself, your pregnancy is so short and it is so amazing if you can really be inolved both physically and mentally.

Women are so very self reliant, so it can be hard for some women to feel vulnerable in the presence of their care givers.  Just remember, they have knowledge, but you have the complete power within yourself to make fantastic decisions, so use it.

If you have any questions that you are scared to ask, then let me know and I will answer them for you.  I love to keep women informed and give them the best opportunity to really know their body, know their baby and have confidence in the two as a team.

Good luck with your journey.  I look forward to hearing from the wonderful pregnant women of the world.