Oct 30


Hi All,

I was checking out the fabulous blogs on natural birth and came across a wonderful post about The Bradley Method of Birthing.  The Blog , 50 Book Challenge, is about reviewing books and the person behind the blog is pregnant and reading Husband-Coached ChildBirth.  She makes a fantastic statement, I will display it word for word:

"why avoid medications and take such good care of your body all through pregnancy only to pump it full of drugs for the last few hours"

This is so logical!!  We all need to have this kind of attitude when going into our birthing experience.  I have interviewed the Co-founder of The Bradley Method of Birthing in my ebook, just click on the natural birth plan link and have a look.  We discuss many ways to help women achieve a natural birth, Marjie Hathaway is an amazing person with so much insight and experience.

Just wanted to share this information with you all.  Take care.


Oct 18

Natural Birth is what all pregnant women strive for, they may not think they do, but they do.  We are all afraid to say that we are GOING to have a natural birth for fear of not coming through with the goods!  I am hear to tell you that thinking this way is exactly how you have the birth you DON’T want! 

Have you heard of the saying:  “What you focus on expands”, I love this and live by it everyday.  What we don’t realize is that whether we focus on positive or negative, it will expand.  This can be applied to how we feel when pregnant and on our journey to birth.  So, is it that simple to just stay positive?  No it is not!! 

Have you ever been walking through the supermarket, your big belly pressing up against the trolley and a stranger comes up to you, smiles and says “when are you due?” You smile and tell her; this somehow translates into, “please tell me your horror story, when I am tired, emotional and already scared!!!”  We have all been there, and we hate it, so why do we then repeat the process over and over again.   

This kind of negative talk is what pregnant women have to deal with everyday, not only their own thoughts, but that of the general public!  As non-pregnant women we must hold our tongue or share a beautiful birth story, or even just say, “You look lovely”, and leave it at that. 

If we don’t fill our own heads with positive self talk then someone will do it for us!!  So ladies, fill you head with all the beautiful things you want out of your natural birth, particularly how you want it to end.  Visualize yourself holding your baby immediately after birth and feel the love wash over you.  Visualize gazing up at your partner, who has tear filled eyes and visualize yourself being able to tend to your own baby without IV drips, painful wounds and hazy thoughts.  You can have a natural birth you just need to stay positive, I mean, talk to yourself and your baby everyday, saying “I just birthed my beautiful baby and I am so happy and grateful that I achieved this naturally”.   

There are many horror stories online today, but there are some beautiful ones as well.  I know it is hard to tear yourself away from a bad story but please do it.  Remember that it all goes in and if you read enough or hear enough negative stories then that is what you start believing. 

I was a midwife when I had my first son so I saw and heard the really negative stuff, which lead to a long, painful, medicated birth.  When I became pregnant with my second son, I knew I had a battle on my hands as I was still working in the birth suite and surrounded by horror stories (there were good ones to).  So I practiced yoga everyday and used this time to fill my head with positives, until, positivity was all that I believed.  I focused on my outcome, which was to have a 4 hour birth, no drugs, no stitches and home the same day……………………..and, YES, I achieved this.  So I know that positive self talk works!! 

I had to write an article like this to show you how to begin your natural birth planning.  This is something so simple, and can be done anywhere.  Why not start by writing your natural birth goal down, you can use my birth plan template from my blog www.naturalbirthplan.com  it is free.  You can stick it on your wall in the bathroom so you read it everyday.  It will only take a few weeks before you are loving your belly and looking forward to your birth. 

If you want more information along these lines, then have a look at my eBook.  I have interviewed 7 natural birth experts, Marie Mongan, founder of Hypnobirthing and Marjie Hathaway, co-founder of The Bradley Method, to name a few.  They are full of positive advice that you can start using today. You can have a look at this amazing new interview series at www.child-birth-options.com.   Even if you are 39 weeks pregnant, you can still benefit from this advice, you never know, you may just change your whole attitude to birth and have a quick, easy, memorable birth.  It all starts with one thought……….so happy thinking! 

Take Care,


Oct 16

Did you know that in the first hour of birth a woman’s oxytocin levels are at their highest ever, and never will be that high again?  Oxytocin is a hormone that our clever body produces to help: 

·        Contract the uterus, limiting blood loss

·        Increases the temperature of the mother’s breasts, providing warmth for the infant

·        Decrease stress

·        A state of calmness and social responsiveness

·        Bonding with their infant, and enhanced maternal behaviors                     

·        Milk ejection 

What a hormone!!  Yes we can get this artificially, called syntocinon or pitocin.  But oxytocin cannot cross from the peripheral circulation, such as through an IV, into the brain to cause the effects described above; therefore it is only naturally occurring oxytocin released by the posterior pituitary gland directly into the brain that will have this effect.   

To really take advantage of nature here it is imperative that this surge not be interrupted, hindered or even dismissed.  I will show you how this can happen.  If a woman has an epidural for pain relief then the hormone oxytocin is inhibited therefore decreasing your love surge and decreasing your rate of breastfeeding success.  Also having IV fluids for a long period of time with or without syntocinon (synthetic oxytocin) causes severe breast, nipple and areola edema (severe swelling).  Edema of the areola interferes with latching the baby to the breast, increasing the risk of poor milk transfer and nipple damage.    

Another area overlooked is the dismissal of this surge of oxytocin.  Let me explain, as I said before there is a surge in oxytocin for about a couple of hours immediately after birth, this aids in ejection of your milk. Research shows that a successful first feed, within an hour of birth, leads to a longer more successful breastfeeding relationship.  This happens because your hormones and your baby are most susceptible to learning breastfeeding at this time and it leaves a positive imprint setting you up for success.  If your baby is not fed in this window then breastfeeding problems are more likely and can persist.   

We need to get rid of this bathing, weighing and passing around of your little baby.  It is imperative that your baby, if possible, be given straight to you and put to your bare chest, skin-to-skin.  I mean no bra, no shirt, everything off. This will allow your baby’s innate instincts to be maximized.  Your baby will seek out your breasts by smelling and visualizing the darkened area of your breast (the areola).  Isn’t that amazing that your baby can find its own way to your breast and feed!  I mean all other species find their mother’s breast without any help, why would humans be any different!  To facilitate this we need to say no to weighing, no to bathing, no to needles and no to passing around (except hubby/partner).  Just keep your baby at your breast at least until the first breastfeed is completed (it’s not long, really!) this will give him/her the start in life that is totally natural and normal, why would we mess with nature, it is perfect!! 

To drive this point home further, the work of Michel Odent is well recognized by those involved in obstetrics.  In 2001 he wrote, “The age of cesarean sections on request, epidurals and drips of oxytocin is a turning point in the history of childbirth.  Until recently women could not give birth without releasing a complex cocktail of ‘love hormones’.  Today, in many countries, most women have babies without releasing these specific hormones.  The questions must be raised in terms of civilization.  This turning point occurs at the very time when several scientific disciplines suggest that the way human beings are born has long-term consequences, particularly in terms of sociability, aggressiveness or, in other words, ‘capacity to love’. 

With this in mind, the importance of skin-to-skin contact for mothers and babies is so crucial to the life of your child.  Please allow this special time to take place and don’t let anyone take it away from you.  Even if you have a cesarean section, skin-to-skin contact is important and can be achieved if you voice your wishes.  

To recap, a natural birth plan is the way to go.  Educate on the ways in which your body works so you can work with it not against it.  If you want to find out more then visit my blog www.naturalbirthplan.com and have a read. You can also contact me personally through the contact page or leave a comment.  Also, if you want to learn more on how to plan for your Natural Birth then follow this  link www.child-birth-options.com.  I have interviewed the best of the best in Natural Birth Planning, you can learn so much from listening to these interviews, you can let go of your fear and maximize what nature gave you. I would love to hear about your empowering stories of Natural Birth and how you achieved this amazing life event or how you are planning for your imminent birth right now.  Good luck and have fun learning.


Oct 16